New manufacturing training program gains groundswell of interest in one-day infosession

Posted at 9:39 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 21:57:00-04

Tina Mayfield was escorted to the Delevan-Grider Community Center Monday afternoon by her seventeen-year-old daughter.

The mother of four is between jobs in payroll departments, and is looking to jumpstart a career.

When Mayfield's friend told her about an information session happening at the community center about the upcoming advanced manufacturing training program at the Northland Workforce Training Center, she knew this was something she couldn't pass up.

"They give you all the tools to attend the training session," Mayfield said.

She's referring access. The organizers of the Northland Workforce Training Center have removed barriers for people who may be interested but have difficulty accessing the right documents or certifications required to attend most job training programs.

At the weekly pre-enrollment sessions, all that's required is identification.  Once a person signs up for the next step in enrollment, they are required to take an academic skills test.  However, if that person doesn't pass the first time, academic coaches are on hand to help them prepare for a re-test.  

A least 73 people attended Monday night's pre-enrollment session.  Most of them signed up for that testing, in hopes of ultimately enrolling for the inaugural Northland Workforce Training Center program in August, organizers said.

The one- or two-year programs train people to become job-ready in advanced manufacturing positions such as welders, machinists, and Computer Numerical Control machinists.

The commitment to accessibility extends throughout the program.

"[The training center] helps you with your financial aid, any transportation, child care," Mayfield said.

Mayfield, who lives on Buffalo's east side, believes this new training facility will be a boon for people in her community.

"individuals on the east side struggle with job seeking, job finding, also training, and this is an awesome opportunity for them," Mayfield said.