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Holistic Center celebrates one year in Kenmore

Posted at 5:02 PM, Sep 05, 2018

You probably know what a massage is. But, do you know about the benefits of one using infrared lighting or maybe hemp oil?

Those are just a few of the treatments offered at the Buffalo Holistic Center.

“A lot of the treatments here I have found is completely changed the course of my life,” said Katrina Allen.

Allen owns the business on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore.

She also has an infrared sauna designed to remove toxins from your body, or offers colon hydrotherapy which helps cleanse your digestive system. Allen only open the Buffalo Holistic Center last September, and already she's looking to expand on the third floor. She's hoping to offer mud, seaweed, and detox wraps. “Basically, we're trying to do an all-around place people can come to get better feel better get away from life and de-stress,” she explained.

Opening the center didn't come without its sacrifices.

“We sold our home to liquid cash moved into a three unit that we own and use the money to buy the place and grow and build it,” said Allen.

Today though, Allen said she's living her holistic dream. “We see people’s lives change constantly and that right there is enough to keep us going and growing and burning.”

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