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Hiring 716: Wide variety of job openings available at these WNY companies

Posted at 5:52 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 17:52:57-04
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Every day, doctors and nurses find themselves in operating rooms, performing life saving surgeries. And, every day, medical safety devices developed and manufactured in western New York are helping keep them safe.

“It's awesome to know that what we're doing is helping to save lives. Even though we're not directly in there using these instruments, we're putting the tools in the doctor's hands,” said Buffalo Filter mechanical design engineer, Bradley Brooks.

In a nutshell, Brooks helps develop products like a surgical smoke evacuator. It sucks hazardous smoke caused by a doctor's incision in the O.R.

“We're pushing out new products that are not only innovative but they're going to aide in the safety of everyone in the operating room,” Brooks said.

That's why Buffalo Filter is looking to fill 60 positions in the next year. Openings vary from mechanical design engineers to human resources and sales reps.

“We have more than 100 patents that we're utilizing and as we get those products in the pipeline, than we can hire in sales, but we can't hire in sales until operations is helping us make it and we're actually doing all that here in this facility,” explained Buffalo Filter President and CEO, Samantha Bonano.

Multisorb Technologies in West Seneca manufacturers packaging that protects your prescriptions from moisture. It too is run by Filtration Group and is also hiring. “Over the last year we closed some facilities around the world and brought the production here to Buffalo which is why there's a need for production workers,” said Multisorb COO Mike Lippa.

It has 25 immediate openings.

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For more information on Multisorb openings, click here. 

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