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Hiring 716: Dash's Market hiring 100 new people

Posted at 6:08 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 18:09:23-04

It may look like a regular construction site, but soon it will be a two-story Dash's supermarket. 

Aisles of grocery staples will line the first floor, but the second floor will look a little different.

"On the second floor we will house our cafe seating area for approximately 180 people. Three fire places. A community room that can be divided into two separate rooms that can seat about 120 people," Owner Joe Dash. said.

The first and second floor will have a combined 48,500 feet of square space. A larger store means a need for a larger workforce. So Dash's going on a major recruiting spur hiring 30-35 full-time jobs and 65-70 part-time jobs.

“We can support the neighborhood kids with part time jobs. We can create some great full time positions with career minded people,” Dash said.

This new Dash’s may be opening in the spring, but you can apply to work there right now.

“They can do it today. We are always looking for good people,” Dash said.

Dash says that it's a unique experience working at his stores.

“So for the casual passerby that sees the apples on the shelf to get the apples on the shelf is quite the feat,” he said.

For a short time before the new store opens, shoppers will have to dash somewhere else, though.
The current location will be demolished in mid-winter to make way for a larger parking lot for the new store.

For employment information go here: https://higherme.com/brands/59d7e6594eb79?utm_source=Dash_Market&utm_medium=company_page&utm_campaign=b%3A689%3Adash%27s_market


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