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Healthy, filling, inexpensive: the new easy way to get nutritious food

Posted at 6:24 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 19:00:59-04

The company Food Nerd is making it easier to get healthy food at a low price.

It's a meal preparation company that specializes in 100 percent plant-based, raw, non-gmo, and organic products. Some of the menu items include mushroom cauliflower tacos and Korean fried rice.

"You can eat Food Nerd for cheaper than you could eat at a non-healthy restaurant," Sharon Cryan, owner and founder, said.

Meals range from $5 to $9. Food Nerd will also ship food across the country for an extra $10.

"Healthy food everybody deserves it, and that's my goal."

Crayon got the idea when she was studying to become a lawyer in college.

“In law school I would study at night, I would study food science."

Crayon became an attorney in New York, but she said that practicing law didn't fulfill her.

“I just didn't feel like I was really helping people in the way I knew I was supposed to."

She dove deeper into food science and eventually quit practicing law and switched to the food industry full time. Now, she brings the science of nutrition to every spoonful.

“Merging the fields of biochemistry and bioavailability of the actual nutrients, and we also merge it with the physics of water memory and energy transfer."

It's another way of saying that the way food is grown and the way it is ingested is important in terms of actually getting the nutritious value out of the food.

She wants to promote a raw food diet.

“You need your broccoli. Your kale. Your asparagus. Your cauliflower."

Even Shark Tank has taken interest in Food Nerd. She's not on T.V. yet, but she has passed the first round of the competition.

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