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100 years in business: the inside scoop to Perry's Ice Cream success

Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 18:23:48-05
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From one man's dairy dream, to an ice cream empire, Perry’s Ice Cream is celebrating a century's worth of accomplishments.

“I can't believe it's here already. We'll be working on our second hundred after today,” said the founder’s great grandson, Brian Perry. Perry’s also the company’s executive vice president.

Perry said their sweet success is no accident. “My great grandfather (Morton Perry) always said make sure you put in enough of the good stuff and we do that every single day with the decisions we make.” That includes keeping it in the family. Today it's run by many with the Perry name. Four generations have since been involved in the business.

Perry's has become a large area employer over the years. It has 370 employees across four states. The company slows production in the winter months. But, it's still hiring a handful of workers at the Akron plant, and it expects to bring on a dozen more employees in the spring. “People tend to stay once they get their foot in the door and become a part of the Perry's team,” said H.R. representative Jodi Perry.

Perks of the job include free ice cream and input on future flavors. Brian Perry also said the workforce is second to none. “The number one response in exit interviews when we ask what you're going to miss most is the people. I'm just honored to know people think of Perry's as a good place to work,” Brian Perry concluded.

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