Her salad dressing made her the "Greek Goddess"

Sold in stores around Western New York
Posted at 9:48 AM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 09:48:24-05

It's not her real job. It's sort of a "side thing". Today Evangeline Conley is stationed in the produce section in Wegman's, by the broccoli, passing out samples of salad dressing. The dressing is called Greek Goddess and Evangeline invented it.

"I suppose I was always the Greek Goddess but I really didn't know it." says Evangeline. She figured it out when people kept telling her that her homemade dressing was so good that she should bottle it. She says with some help from the Small Business Administration and some other local resources, she was able to launch her product in 2008.

By day Evangeline has been with the V.A. Healthcare System for over thirty-five years. She says "serving veterans has been a rewarding career, but being a woman you want to do it all". When she isn't working she spends time doing demos at stores that carry her product. Meeting and greeting her customers is what she calls "the fun part."

There is more information about Evangeline's Greek Goddess Dressing, as well as recipes, at her website