He runs one of the areas busiest kitchens in a picture perfect location

Glen Iris Inn Executive Chef began as dish washer
Posted at 8:23 PM, Apr 21, 2017

You could argue that it's one of Western New York's busiest kitchens, but there's no question that it's located in one of the regions most beautiful spots. Executive Chef Richard Robinson is in charge at the Glen Iris Inn located in Letchworth State Park.

Richard heads up of a thirty member staff, but says he began at the bottom. "I actually started washing dishes when I was fifteen years old and never left really. By age twenty three I was the executive chef here, it's been a lot of years"

The Inn is surrounded by 14,350 acres of scenic beauty that  general manager Maureen Tillotson says was a gift "the Inn was the home of William Pryor Letchworth, he was the founder of Letchworth State Park, he donated his home."

Chef Richard has worked here for thirty years. He says his busiest time is in October when people come to see the Fall foliage "we may do four to five hundred covers for lunch and another hundred and fifty for dinner."

The Glenn Iris Inn offers overnight guest accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner and a breathtaking view that Chef Richard says never gets old "it's nice to look around the park, it's beautiful." 

More info about the Glen Iris Inn at their website