He made a lasting tribute to Patriots & Heroes

Posted at 6:38 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 09:33:35-04

Fred and Joann Browning enjoy spending time in this special place with their grandson Ricky. This piece of land was was nearly a shopping plaza.

The Brownings are happy that Russell Salvatore decided that there were enough shopping plazas, so instead he created Patriots and Heroes Park.

"It took me five years and we just finished it last year and the reaction is unbelievable," according to Russell. "You can't miss the park. It sits right on Transit road, a stones throw from Russell's Steak House and hotel."

Featured here is a replica of the tomb of the unknown soldier, a statue of Archangel Michael, patron saint of law enforcement and military and one of the largest free flying flags in New York State. Two very popular monuments include "The Battle of the Bulge" and the new Purple Heart monument which has received national recognition. It has become a popular spot for school kids and veterans groups who come here to learn and reflect.

Joann Browning was here remembering her father who was killed during WWII. She thinks that this park is an important reminder of what Memorial Day is all about and is grateful to Russell Salvatore for creating it. She says, "It's such a tribute, I can't even thank him enough."