Halloween is hectic for local costumer

But his really busy time is theatre season
Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 27, 2017

Santa's busy time is right around the corner, but for Dave Dejac owner of DC Theatricks, this week before Halloween gets a little hectic with customers getting ready for the big night.

In the costume business for nearly forty years, Dave says that somewhere along the way, grown-ups hijacked Halloween from the kids "they still send the kids out, but they kind of took over Halloween and there are parties everywhere these days."

According to Dave the hot costumes this year will reflect adult tastes and includes pirates, Game of Thrones and Clowns, adding "but only scary clowns." Politicians are always popular and the store has two different Donald Trump masks.

Dave points out that his busiest time of the year is not Halloween "things get crazy around here in the Spring during theatre season." This year he produced costumes for four Broadway shows. Dave says the big Broadway show producers turn to the Buffalo costumer because they know he can deliver "it's a short turn around time but exciting when you see your costumes in a national magazine.

DC Theatricks is at 747 Main Street in Buffalo. And you can find them on line.