Pair who battled breast cancer to bike across NY

Posted at 3:42 AM, Jul 21, 2016

Sometimes life's greatest challenges can lead us to the greatest rewards. Just ask Amy Lesakowski and Danielle Casucci.

The two women were diagnosed with breast cancer, Amy at 35 and Danielle at 42. Both women were successful in their fight against the disease, and in the process, they became close friends.

When Danielle was diagnosed last year, she was introduced to Amy, who helped her get through her treatment at Roswell Park.

"I looked to her for guidance and support every day.  I was always in there to laugh or to cry.  Or to talk to her about things I was going through," Danielle explained.

Now, months after Danielle's final treatment, the two are riding to find a cure. On July 31st, they'll start riding their bikes across New York State.

The Empire State Ride begins in New York City, and finishes in Niagara Falls. Both Amy and Danielle had never seriously cycled, and the women have trained months for the trip.

"I have not ridden a bike since I was like 15," said Amy.  "Knowing that on this 7 day excursion we're going to have to hop on a bike day after day for many, many miles is a little scary, but we're gonna do it."

All of the money they raise will go to Roswell Park where they both work. Check out their story, and learn how you can donate by going to this donation page.