Lancaster registered nurse considers job loss over getting vaccinated

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Posted at 4:28 PM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 18:42:12-04

“It doesn’t make sense at this point, to force somebody to take something they’re not comfortable with,” said Registered Nurse, Beverly, of Lancaster.

Beverly is a long time critical care nurse who may soon be placed on unpaid leave after 16 years of caring for patients.

The registered nurse at a local hospital isn’t planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’ve had all my vaccines. I’m not an anti-vaxer. I just don’t feel comfortable getting my vaccine at this time,” she said.

Earlier this month, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order suspending the state from enforcing its vaccine mandate if health care workers claim a religious exemption. Beverly has filed for a religious exemption. So, she’s currently working until October 12 or when the court issues its ruling.

“If religious exemptions aren’t allowed, that’s a decision I’ll have to make for me and my family,” she said when asked whether she was prepared to lose her job over not getting vaccinated.

During a stop in the Bronx on Monday, Governor Kathy Hochul expressed confidence that the court will rule in the state's favor and all state healthcare workers will soon have to be vaccinated.“We have a right to defend our people against a global pandemic. We’re entitled to take all means necessary. This is all about self defense. I’m here to defend the people of New York.”

Healthcare workers like Beverly see it differently.

“We were heroes back then and now we’re looked at as lepers for a decision that we don’t feel comfortable making for ourselves.”