"Live at the Drive" concert fun during COVID

"You get a little bit of normalcy back"
Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-19 18:30:20-04

LOCKPORT, NY (WKBW) — “You get a little bit of normalcy back. You feel like you’re alive again,” declared Zackary Allard.

Allard drove up from Geneva, New York to attend a brand new summer-time concert series called “Live at the Drive” at the Transit Drive-In in Lockport.

The venue has been designed to allow for safe live music during the COVID pandemic.

“If you want a hug you just ask somebody, some people are doing it,” Allard remarked.

But the event is designed for social distancing.

Deborah Smith of Buffalo was with friends ready for the concert kickoff, all wearing face coverings.

“To be honest — I’m kind of nervous, but i'm really excited. These are really good friends of mine and i love this band,” said Smith.

“I’m feeling good. My fiancée is actually in the band,” replied Dana Fischer, Buffalo.

“I think it's really cool that they are doing this, honestly I feel good about the rules they've put in place, which is really helpful and I think it's keeping everybody safe,” responded Liz Ganzter, Buffalo.

Aqueous, a groove rock band, that’s Buffalo based, kicked off event.

Aqueous, a groove rock band, that’s Buffalo based, kicked off “Live at the drive”.

The event was co-founded by Josh Hotlzman of Buffalo Iron Works.

With other concerts canceled because of COVID, Hotlzman says they didn’t want a "summer without live music”, so teamed with the Transit Drive-In which was allowed to open.

“And then we realized, you know, what we could actually do it at the same platform — let's just put a stage up in front of it — make sure everybody is social distance and safe and lets see if there's interest and people come out and it seems like people are into it,” Holtzman remarked.

They were dancing in the lot of the Transit Drive-In.

A portion of the proceeds will help local organizations.

“The first are going to beBlack Love Resist in the Rust and what we are doing is a solid portion of proceeds will go to them,” Holtman stated.

The mood at “Live at the drive” is best described as a cross between Woodstock and a Buffalo Bills tailgate party.

Sign on display at the "Live at the Drive" concert.

“Yeah it's a nice little mix — it's like Woodstock meets the Bills — I love it,” Holtzman laughed.

Tailgating at the concert.

The next three concerts this weekend with Aqueous are sold out, but the concert series will continue through mid-August and run from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The organizers are also featuring “Thursday night combo night”. That will feature a concert and movie. It will feature a theme for the music and movie.

“July 2nd — Nerds Gone Wild is going to play — they’re an 80’s band and then we are going to show weird science.

You must go to Buffalo Iron Worksor the Transit Drive-In to buy your tickets for the events.