Community orchestra celebrates 71 years

Amherst Symphony Orchestra prepares for big show
Posted at 6:13 PM, Feb 07, 2017

One thing that makes the Amherst Symphony Orchestra so special is that they sound great. But there's more to their success than that. According to the orchestra's general manager Joan Fishburn "the orchestra has been playing for the community free of charge for the past 71 years."

This group may be the oldest community orchestra in the country. They are also very popular, putting on four concerts a year. Their next big show is Sunday February 12th at the Amherst Middle School. While the program is free, they will "pass the hat."

Bryan Eckenrode will conduct Sunday's show and part of the program will include a rendition of the classic "Peter & The Wolf" narrated by Channel 7 meteorologist Mike Randall.

A wonderful afternoon of music will be presented by the Amherst Symphony Orchestra, a special gift from those who love to play music to those who love to listen.

More information is available at the Amherst Symphony Orchestra website