Collins defends Trump not doing mock debates

Posted at 7:48 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 19:48:13-04

The sets have been staged in the spin room.  Donald Trump has his corner and Hillary Clinton has hers.

After the debate, surrogates from each camp will try to massage the candidates’ messages, but some have already started.

Congressman Chris Collins started working the spin room floor before the debate, Monday, defending Donald Trump’s lack of preparation ahead of Monday night’s debate.

“I’ve done a fair amount of debating, Collins said.  “I don’t like to over prepare.  You go to your happy place.  His happy place is speak to America, make America one again, make America safe again, make America work again.”

Hillary Clinton has been working for some time now to prepare.  Still, she wanted the moderator to do immediate fact checks of Trump, on the stage.

“We even heard rumors Hillary Clinton is going to try and fact check Donald Trump himself,” Katie Sanders, Deputy Editor of PolitiFact said.

Since June of last year, Sanders says Trump has had more “pants on fire” ratings than Clinton; 43 to Clinton’s four.  That’s a record for any presidential candidate.

“Of the things we fact check, we found Donald Trump tells more inaccuracies than Hillary Clinton.  She has her own fair share, but largely, she is more accurate than Donald Trump,” Sanders said.  

One hundred million people are expected to watch the debate on television.  Maureen Oliva, a junior at Hofstra, is one of 200 students who will watch the debate from the inside.  She’ll be paying careful attention to both candidates, despite a left leaning loyalty.

“I’m a democrat and I’m going to vote for Hillary but I’m actually really excited to see what Donald Trump is going to say and it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal just to be there,” Oliva said.

Thomas Jakubowski is a senior, who will also be inside, listening as the candidates hash out their domestic policies and how they would keep the country safe.

“I do not know who I’m voting for yet, but I am a registered Republican.  After tonight’s debate I’m going to make a firm decision,” Jakubowski said.