Chocolatier whipping up edible gems

Easch piece she makes by hand
Posted at 7:33 AM, Aug 03, 2017

It looks like a fine jewelry store and while the glass case inside is full, it contains edible gems. Michele Ogden just opened Whimsy Confections at 610 Main Street in downtown Buffalo, the perfect showcase for her colorful creations.

At her production space in the Broadway Market, the young entrepreneur makes each piece by hand. Michele says "it's just me, by myself, it's very relaxing." Judging by the finished product, Michele is both a candy maker and an artist.

She whips up her own recipes and there is always a "flavor of the month." This month it's the lip shaped Peach Melba. As she handles the chocolate making like a pro, she says "When I was working my co-workers would be my taste testers." She puts in long hours, but Michele says she isn't afraid of hard work. Opening a new business can be scary but Michele points out "you know what's scary, dying and not living your dreams."

You can get more information about Whimsy Confectionsat the website.