Candlelight vigil to remember Buff State student

Posted at 7:59 AM, Feb 22, 2016

Monday students will go back to class at Buffalo State College without their classmate 21-year-old Bradley Doyley.

The senior died last week and police are now investigating the death and a possible connection to a hazing incident at an off campus frat house

Sunday, classmates gathered on campus for a candlelight vigil to honor their friend.

"A bunch of students were coping and feeling the same pain that I was feeling," vigil organizer Chris Cartwright said. "We were able to get together and find a way to release that pain."

While the investigation continues Alpha Phi Alpha, the fraternity that operated the off campus home where the alleged incident took place has been temporarily suspended from campus.

In the meantime, friends say it's all about one thing.

"Coming together....(the) basketball team is coming together, friends are coming together, people coming together, it makes you realize what's most important in life."

According to the Buff State website grief counselors will be available today on campus for friends of Doyley.

The Brooklyn native was set to graduate with a business degree in May. Doyley spent his first few years at Buff. State as a member of the basketball team. They played Friday night and honored Doyley with a moment of silence.