Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting welcomes hundreds of dentists

Posted at 7:49 PM, Nov 03, 2016

It's a special gathering of people who spend a lot of time looking into mouths. This annual event, the Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting welcomes dentists, hygienists, vendors and students like Tarek Hussein. He says "It's pretty cool seeing everything and hearing from professionals in our field"

Patterson Dental is showcasing a system that can make teeth while you wait. With plenty of dazzling demonstrations like inventor Vincent Martino showing off his popular creation "The Martino Occusal Free Invisible Retainer."

Mark Twitchell, a retired dentist from Fredonia is trying to sell some of his creations that he calls "Whirligigs". Some of the latest dentist chairs come with built in massagers. 

There are fabulous freebies here like tooth brushes and floss. It's interesting how much candy the vendors are handing out. One vendor admitting "we like to give away candy. it keeps our dentists busy."

The Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting is the second largest of it's kind in New York State, attracting hundreds downtown through the three day event.