Bowmansville basements full of flood water

Posted at 12:04 AM, Nov 26, 2014
and last updated 2015-11-21 00:04:52-05

Chris McCrobie says his yard and basement are always casualties when Ellicott Creek overflows.

"We go by how many steps we can still see in the basement.  Today was four steps.  The worst it's ever been - we were only able to see about two and a half steps at the worst," he said.

While flooding across Erie County wasn't as bad as expected, Ellicott Creek did overflow its banks.  That overflow closed Stony Road in Lancaster and Aero Drive in Cheektowaga during the Tuesday evening commute.

The Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Department brought in one thousand sandbags to put around the building, and for residents to take.  They say it's typical for the area to flood, but it usually doesn't come until later in the year.

"Normally we see it in the spring.  If there's a heavy thaw or heavy rain.  But this time of the year it's a little odd," said Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Lawniczak.

Bowmansville itself only got about two feet of snow, but with the rest of Western New York getting hammered last week, McCrobie knew it was only a matter of time.

"Our creek is connected to everywhere else," he said.  "So once all that snow melts, it's gotta go somewhere.  And it ended up in my backyard.  Honestly I try to be positive about it.  And what I tell people when they can't believe it - I say, hey, how many people can say they own beach front property?"