Bills fan gets experience of a lifetime

Posted at 2:59 PM, Jul 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-01 05:30:32-04

Sunday at training camp, 90 players took the field for practice, and one 11-year-old can name them all. 

His name is Jack Frost. No, seriously.

He says if you give him a player's number he can tell you that player's name, every single time. It's a skill he learned during his three-year stay in the hospital while overcoming a rare blood disease.

"I was in the hospital but my dad got me into football," he said. "I was never really interested in football but when my dad got me into it I became the biggest Bills fan."

Jack says health wise he's doing better, but Sunday, all of those health issues were on the back burner as he was able to meet some of his football heroes. 

Eric Wood, Reggie Ragland, LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, and even Rex Ryan stopped and chatted with Jack as they left the field. With every new signature Jack's smile grew bigger -- but he nearly burst when his favorite player, Tyrod Taylor, stopped by for a few minutes. But why, out of all 90 players, is Tyrod the guy?



"First of all, he did great in his first season," Frost started. "Second of all, I just like him."



It's an experience he won't soon forget, and it just solidifies that he'll support the Bills for the rest of his life -- no matter what. 

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