Best places to catch Pokemon in WNY

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 23, 2016

Pokémon Go is all about nostalgia.

Flash back to 1999. I remember spending hours upon hours playing Pokémon Blue (game released in '98) on my translucent purple Game Boy Color.

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It was the first video game I obsessed over. Remember how hard it was to beat the Elite Four? 

I've only been playing the new game for a few weeks, but in my travels I've found some great spots to take you back to 1999.

Here's my five favorite spots to 'catch em all' in no particular order.

1) Canalside

There's Magikarp EVERYWHERE. Get those candies and save up for Gyrados and be the envy of all your Pokémon playing friends. I also caught a Golduck and Tentacruel by the Naval Park. There's always lures set up at the four PokéStops lining Marine Drive.

2) Niagara Falls State Park

I jokingly agreed to join a few friends for a quick trip to the falls to go catch some Pokémon. After parking, I noticed at least 500 people with their phones in hand trying to catch Hitmonchan. There's a spot about 100 yards from the main parking lot where there's four PokéStops. Dozens more are scattered around the park. I kid you not, there were people with chairs and coolers hanging out and playing. Right on. 

3) University at Buffalo North Campus

Adirondack chairs are set up outside Alumni Arena, and almost all day they're filled with PokéMasters. All over campus you'll find the typical Weedle, Bellsprout and Pidgey but occasionally you'll catch a gem. The PokéStops are all pretty centrally located around the "busy" parts of campus so If you need to reload your bag a trip to Amherst isn't a bad idea.

4) Center Street in Lewiston

If you're looking for some Eevee candy head to scenic Lewiston. I was grabbing a quick bite to eat and may have caught five in about a half an hour. 

**side note, I'm 5/5 controlling Eevee's evolution by renaming the Pokemon. Just click on Eevee and rename it:




Happy evolving and good luck! 

5) Elmwood Village

If you want the most bang for your buck a quick trip to the museums near Buffalo State might be a good idea. Lots of PokéStops in a small area. I've heard from friends that every once in a while they find one of those Pokémon that will make you ooh and ahh but I've only found the generic stuff. 


Now, to be clear, I'm not advocating that you go to these places and keep your head in your phone. Go out, enjoy the scenery and the beautiful weather--this is one of the best times to live in Western New York. 

Happy hunting my friends! Let me know if there's a hot spot I missed.