Best Buy will no longer sell CDs

Posted at 1:29 AM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 01:29:04-04

We warned you earlier this year it was about to happen — and now it’s finally here. Back in February, we shared the news that Best Buy planned to stop selling CDs as of July 1. It’s now July 2, and we’re officially living in a post-CD world. Well, at least as far as most brick-and-mortar retailers are concerned.

As anyone who grew up pre-internet streaming knows, there was nothing quite like going to the store to pick up your favorite performer’s latest album, just out in CD. You couldn’t pick and choose songs back then and, because you likely knew just one or two songs on the album, you basically had to give up your hard-earned cash with the hope that the rest of the album was just as good. (Spoiler alert: It usually wasn’t.)

On top of that, you likely couldn’t even listen to a new album the day it came — unless you could drive yourself or, you know, had super cool parents.

Those days are gone, though, and while no one can dispute that it’s pretty nice to just hit a button and be able to listen to your favorite band, there was something exciting about having to get your butt our of the house to hear those new tunes. And as a kid or teen, the posters that came in the sleeves of the CDs weren’t so bad either. (Looking at you, Mr. Timberlake.)

Although a bit depressing, none of this should come as a surprise. According to Billboard, CD sales were down 18.5 percent in 2017, and physical music sales only generated around $40 million a year for Best Buy.

There is a bit of hope in what might soon be this no-CD world, however. According to Fortune, Best Buy will still be selling vinyl for at least another two years. Considering CDs were meant to replace vinyl, it’s certainly an odd turn of events, but at least some physical music will still be left on store shelves.


Music Industry Feels Strain As Consumers Go Online
Getty Images | Scott Barbour


I do want to mention that I was still able to add some CDs to my online shopping cart on Best Buy’s website. Some were sold out, however, and for the ones that were in stock, store pickup was not available — even when I stretched it out to within 250 miles.

Do you remember the first CD you ever owned?

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