Antique press continues sweet success at Busti Cider Mill

Making apple cider the old fashioned way
Posted at 10:13 AM, Oct 18, 2017

It's a sweet spot in the Southern Tier. It began in the early 80's when Andy Schultz's grandfather discovered an old cider press. "My grandfather saw it in an old barn in Buffalo and decided to bring it home and set it up." Andy says.

Andy started helping his grandfather with the cider business and now two decades later has taken over the operation. Andy explains "he decided to retire and I'm going to keep it going hopefully."

The centerpiece of this cider operation an antique press that dates back to 1890. It's over a hundred years old and still does what it was designed to do, make cider. There's just one catch, the press is very loud. Andy says it makes a lot of noise because it's old, adding "the gears make a lot of noise when they're running."

The fresh squeezed cider goes into a holding tank and then goes through a UV process that kills all of the bacteria. The process is topped up the old fashioned way with Andy bottling the cider by hand. Started by his grandfather, Andy hopes to keep this tasty Southern Tier tradition going for a long time to come.

Busti Cider Mill is located about 80 miles south of Buffalo at 1135 Southwestern Drive, Jamestown, N.Y.