Alleged Allentown shooter indicted on prior weapons charge

Alleged Allentown shooter indicted on prior weapons charge
Posted at 11:29 AM, Mar 01, 2018

Jeremy Wright is accused of shooting and killing a man outside of an Allen Street bar. He's now going through motions for a second trial.

Wright was indicted in Erie County Court for a criminal possession of a weapon charge on Thursday morning, stemming from an incident on October 7th of 2017, prior to the alleged homicide.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says Wright pulled a four-inch "ballistic style" knife on employees of the Allen Street Bar and Grill. After his arrest, he was also disorderly in the back of the Buffalo Police car and caused minor damage to the vehicle.

He was arraigned in Buffalo City Court on the same day of his knife incident. Wright made $10,000 bail.

Flynn says while he was out on bail, Wright shot and killed Saleem Merukeb outside of Frizzy's on November 3rd of 2017.

Wright was remanded without bail. 

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