A fun Fall family fun spot in North Collins

Cornucopia of cool things to see & do
Posted at 9:57 AM, Oct 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 09:57:12-04

We met up with Wes Awald and his son Eli in the corn maze. Wes created the first corn maze here fifteen years ago when he and his wife Jamie transformed an old dairy farm into a Fall family fun spot.

The centerpiece is the huge corn maze. According to Wes "the trick is to not make it too hard. we also do a night time corn maze, so if it's too hard by day, in the night time it will become incredibly hard."

Find your way out of the corn maze and there is a cornucopia of cool things to see and do at W & J Awald Farms on Shirley Rd. in North Collins. That's why families and busloads of school kids make their way here each year.

Jamie has the green thumb and lets her husband handle the corn maze while she prefers to grow the pumpkin and gourds. "I like the crazy varieties they have" she says. And there is plenty to like with all the wild colors and names like "blue doll", "porcelain doll" , "peanut pumpkins" and what may be the funniest name of all ""red warty thing".

They have pre-picked or pick your own pumpkins, and are open everyday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. W & J Awald Farms is at 2258 Shirley Road in North Collins. For info call: 716-867-2258 or 716-337-2608