50% chance Holiday Valley opens this weekend

Posted at 11:58 AM, Dec 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-18 12:12:23-05

Holiday Valley’s Director of Marketing is busting out all the stops in an effort to bring some snow to Ellicottville.

That’s why Jane Eshbaugh is sporting snow flake earrings.


“We’ll do anything we can to make sure we're getting some snow.”

Holiday Valley hasn’t opened this late since 2001.

Cold temperatures are allowing crews to start making artificial snow but unless temperatures stay around freezing the slopes will stay closed.

“It (snow) really is the engine that drives the whole community here, so yeah, it's definitely a lot quieter now than it normally would be but we're positive winter is coming.”

In the meantime, Dan Aldrich is in charge of making snow overnight.

“I'm not sure what Mother Nature has in store for us. Obviously, it's up to her but we're sitting here on idle ready to go.”

But just how cold does it need to be to make enough snow to get skiers and snowboarders out?

“Give me 20 degrees......we'll make some heavy stuff like we're doing now and we'll just make a little bit more of it.”

With the current temperatures cooperating Eshbaugh and Aldrich say there’s a 50% chance they open Sunday… but it’s in Mother Nature’s hands now.




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