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The best sponge candy comes in a pink box!

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 17:13:49-05

"As far as Buffalonians are concerned, when they see a pink box, they know where it's from and what it's all about," said Fowler's Chocolates owner Ted Marks.

Fowler's has been churning out chocolatey goodness since 1910, and there's no stopping now! Their signature candies haven't changed since in decades and that's what Buffalonians love.

"We often get a customer that'll come in and say 'I remember when you were on Jefferson Avenue.' We haven't been on Jefferson Avenue since 1966," said Marks. "So there's a lot of long-term loyalty and love for Fowler that continues to hold us in good standing."

Their best-seller? Sponge candy, of course. Fowler's prides itself on being the original creators of authentic sponge candy -- and it's their recipe that sets them apart.

Secret ingredient? A whole lotta Buffalove!

Marks recalled this story:

"The last time the Buffalo Sabres were in the Stanley Cups Finals in 1999, we manufactured a chocolate Stanley Cup. We found a mold in the inventory here and started producing those. We got a lot of publicity about it and it was going great. Until the NHL discovered we were using their licensed images and they forced us to cease and desist. But it was fun while it lasted, it got us a bunch of publicity and was neat!

The local chocolatier is the mastermind behind National Sponge Candy Day. In 2015, Mayor Brown singed a proclamation declaring September 21st the day of the sponge!

Craving candy? Treat yourself to Fowler's by visiting one of their six locations or order some online