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Lean, green, three wheeled pizza machine

Posted at 5:50 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 17:50:03-04

JJ's Casa Di Pizza on Mohawk Street is changing the delivery game in Buffalo. 

"We call it the Casa Cart," Jeff Jacobbi, Owner of JJ's Casa Di Pizza said. 

The pizza restaurant purchased an electronic tricycle to help with food deliveries within a two-mile radius of the store front. 

"We are trying to be a little more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon foot print," Jacobbi said. "What we have found out is that delivering with this around the area, we can actually deliver a pizza faster because we don't actually have to park the car." 

The carts have been in use for 10 days now and Jacobbi says he has already seen a drop in delivery times by 25%. 

"It definitely makes my job a lot easier," Nathan Pecoraro, delivery driver for JJ's said. "If I have a delivery that is two blocks away I can just ride over there in two seconds rather than take the time to park my car." 

The Erie County Scooter Company made the Trics specifically to make sure the food stays hot and stable when being delivered. There is a big box on the back to hold the pizzas and a basket in the front to hold sodas. 

The tricycle is not just for pizza, Jacobbi said any menu item will be able to be delivered on it. Drivers can't get enough of the new addition. 

"They are all fighting right now to use it," Jacobbi added. 

The plan is to have three or four more Casa Carts added by next spring. Jacobbi plans to also try out bicycles but wants to make sure there is enough stability for food deliveries. The carts will deliver all year round if the weather allows the bikes to go. 

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