Just how much cheese is on Chef's spaghetti parm?

Posted at 1:30 PM, Mar 03, 2018

Can you handle the cheese on Chef's Spaghetti Parm? Find out just how much actually comes on it!

What's the story behind the dish?

"My dad and Dave Thomas from the old Rocketship 7 show 'Dialing for Dollars' on Channel 7, were sitting down one day -- they were good friends -- and they were just playing around. They said let's do something different. They just threw a couple things together, 'let's add some butter, let's add some cheese, let's try putting it in a broiler', and it was born," said Billittier.

What keeps people coming back?

"The consistency of the food, I think, is the biggest thing that brings them back," Billittier.

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