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Hot diggity dog! Red Top's charbroiled hot dogs are a best kept secret in WNY

Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 12:33:55-04

The Red Top just turned 71-years-old and they're still cranking up the grill!

Best known for their perfectly-charred hot dogs and big toppings, Red Top still manages to be one of WNY's best kept secrets. 

Nothing about the small shack or the menu has really changed since 1946, and according to father-daughter co-owners, Dennis and Lisa McNaney, that's what keeps the shop so busy. 

"We have people that come back and say 'It's just the way I remembered it and I haven't been back for 30 years, for 50 years." Lisa McNaney said. 

Red Top lovers also have full control of how their hot dog is grilled -- you can have it charred or lightly crisp. And toppings are totally up to you. 

"People can put on the amount of toppings that they want. The definition of a little and a lot differs from the next person's." said Mr. McNaney.

Though the grilled dogs are the star of the restaurant, their burgers and homemade milkshakes are local favorites too.

"When we can, we use all local potatoes, local produce. The hot dogs are made locally right in Downtown Buffalo." he said.