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Holy Guacamole! Hali Boyz adds a unique flare to classic American food

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 17:45:25-05

We all know Buffalo is a hotbed for amazing food -- but things have jumped to a new level!

Brothers Malak and Nour Mazeh are California dreamin' in the Queen City. They opened Hali Boyz Mexican-American Grille just seven months ago and business is booming. 

"It’s been great. We’ve been really blessed. Definitely our community supporting us has kept us afloat.” said Malak Mazeh. 

The brothers' background, like their food, is quite special. They are half-Mexican, half-Lebanese and practice Islam. They agree that their heritage has largely influenced their culinary craft. 

"You can get American and Mexican food authentic and not have Mexican spices venturing into American and vice versa. Having those two kinds of places in the same spot -- I believe that makes us unique." said Malak Mazeh.

"They see the passion that we carry together, and the love we have and the happiness. I think that's what makes Hali Boyz unique." said younger brother Nour Mazeh. 

The meats used in their dishes are halal, which means the meats are thoroughly cleaned and prepared in ways outlined in the Quran. 

"Places that sell halal food are usually super ethnic. So for us, it was filling the gap of being able to eat halal food and the regular stuff all Americans love to eat." said Malak Mazeh.

The Mazeh Family wants people who don't eat halal to still love the food Muslims eat. 

Hali Boyz food is locally sourced and prepared fresh every day.