Rain showers return to WNY this afternoon

Record warmth on Tuesday
Posted at 6:54 AM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2018-02-19 12:24:13-05

Spring makes a quick appearance for the first half of the week.

You won't need the winter jackets later on today. But make sure you have the rain gear handy this afternoon. Temperatures slowly rise and 50s will be popping up on car dashboards across Western New York. 

Also expect a gusty breeze out there. Fog develops tonight. 

 And if you thought it couldn't get any warmer, think again. We'll be in the 60s Tuesday. But that warmth comes with spring showers. Record high on Tuesday is 64 set in 1955.

Wednesday starts out warm and wet. Cold front passes through, dropping temperatures from the 60s into the 40s. 

By Thursday, we're back in the upper 30s. 

MONDAY: Warmer with Rain developing from SW to NE. Breezy.  High: 49 south-54. S: 15-25. Soaking rain in the evening, maybe even a rumble of thunder. Overnight low: upper 40s rising well into the 50s. Windy. 

TUESDAY: Springlike with more rain closer to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Drier east and south of the metro area. Much of WNY may be mostly dry Tuesday night, and quite mild, but there will still likely be some rain closer to Lakes Ontario and Erie. Near Record Warmth Tuesday. High: 58 waterfront, 62 western Niagara County-67 farther inland. SSW 15-25 & gusty.

WEDNESDAY; Periods of rain and turning cooler by afternoon. High: 62, turning cooler overnight with a chance of a few snowflakes mixing in with showers toward Thursday dawn..

THURSDAY: Partly Sunny & Cooler. Slight chance of a few flurries or sprinkles AM. High: 39.

FRIDAY; Partly Sunny AM. Showers developing from SW to NE PM. High: 44.

SATURDAY; Milder with occasional rain. High: 52.

SUNDAY: Chance of rain. High: 49.




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