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When you're hunting for a job, scammers may be hunting for you

Posted at 10:55 AM, Mar 06, 2019
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If you're on the hunt for a new job, keep in mind that scammers may be on the hunt for you. The Better Business Bureau reports that employment scams were ranked the riskiest scams in 2018, and that job-seekers lost a lot of money falling victim to them.

In some cases, job scammers may tell you that you're hired for a position, then ask for your Social Security Number and checking account information, telling you that they need it to set up a direct deposit. They then use that personal information to steal from you. Additionally, some "secret shopper" job scams may send you a fraudulent check and ask you to go shopping, then send the products you purchase to different addresses. Not only does the check not go through, but the shopper is then out the money he or she spent on products.

To avoid these job scams, the Better Business Bureau reminds you to be wary of companies that seek you out, and offer to hire you without a formal interview. These scam companies may refuse to talk to you on the phone, and insist on only chatting over the computer. Additionally, be wary of companies with no local offices, and do your research ahead of time to make sure they're reputable.

Other of the riskiest scams as reporter to the BBB include: online purchase, fake checks/money orders, home improvement scams, advance fee loans, romance, tech support, investment, travel/vacation scams and government grants.