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Renewable energy jobs: Wind Turbine Technicans

Posted at 10:00 AM, Mar 03, 2019

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Wind technology is creating many jobs in the U.S. and here in Buffalo. The U.S. Department of labor estimates jobs in wind energy will see a 96% increase in the next decade.

"At one time, we were the most prosperous area in the world and we will be again," Kean Stimms, scientist and C.E.O. of Kean Wind Turbines. For five years, Kean has been crafting a new wind turbine. Kean's turbine called the Newtonian turbine, named after historic scientist Isaac Newton, is smaller, converts more energy and has eight blades compared to a normal three blade turbine.

"We extract 100 times more of the energy available in the wind than the existing technology," Kean added. "Energy is the secret to great prosperity because energy is so important to all of our operations."

The new turbine will have its final test this summer and will start manufacturing the turbines after final approval. Kean hopes to add 30-35 office jobs and 30-35 manufacturing jobs in Amherst for people to start building his new invention.

"It's a field that just cannot loose, there's no possible way around it," Dr. Philip Hofmeyer, Associate Professor of Renewable Energy at SUNY Morrisville said. "We have a finite resources and so going down the fields of solar, wind or bio energy... all of those are guaranteed jobs."

Dr. Hofmeyer teaches wind technology-- from the design, to the software to the maintenance of these massive turbines, he says students have many options when choosing a career path in wind technology.

"Teaching people to understand wing as a resource then pair wind turbine technology with that," Dr. Hofmeyer said.

  • Wind energy jobs are separated into four categories: manufacturing, project development, operation and maintenance.

Wind Energy Jobs:

  • 96% job growth in the next 10 years
  • $40,000+ starting salary
  • Education: Technical School
  • Job titles: Wind Turbine Technicians, machinists, computer operators, quality control inspectors, managers, environmental engineers, mechanical engineer.

Wind Energy Companies in WNY:
-Kean Turbines Inc, TerraForm Power, Wind Action Group

Education programs:
-SUNY Morrisville

More information can be found on the Department of Labor website here.