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Local car dealer chain looking to rebound from COVID-19

Posted at 1:04 AM, May 03, 2021

TOWN OF AMHERST, N.Y. (WKBW) — One of Western New York's biggest car dealers is now looking to expand its team.

Northtown Automotive is hiring, saying they have numerous positions open for people of varying skill sets.

"We have ten locations, 17 franchises, we're looking anywhere from lot attendants to greeters, to receptionists," said Erik Nelson, a general manager at Northtown Auto in Amherst.

There are between 80 to 100 different full-time and part-time positions across 10 different locations.

Benefits would include health, vision and dental, Paid time off and a 401K program. There are seasonal positions as well.

"If there's any college folks out there that are looking for a temporary job over the summer, we have plenty of those to offer at just about every location," said Nelson.

And there's room growth; you can go from an entry level technician to a master technician with paid training.

"I started here in 2014 as a C tech, and from there I moved up to a B tech and an A tech and I'm a master tech, they provide you all the training, they teach you all the new models, electric cars, hybrids, " said Adrien Smith, a Master Technician.

Pay is different for every position - you could be earning $19 an hour, or have a salary range between $70,000 to $100,000 depending on skillsets.

"One thing that I love about this place is the culture. We've got great leadership, we've got a great team of men and women that work here," said Simeon Gaber, a new car Sales Manager.

You can find out more about the positions Northtown Automotive is looking to fill by clicking here.