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Horizon Health Services is hiring 50 new positions in 2019

Posted at 8:50 PM, Feb 19, 2019
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Horizon Health Services has grown immensely over the past four years. Since 2014, the non-profit addiction and mental health services organization has added 300 employees.

In part due to the evolving mental health crisis plaguing Western New York, Horizon Health continues to grow its footprint across the region. It's hiring 50 new jobs in 2019.

Some of these jobs will be filled by new hires; others will be promotions from within. Either way, to ensure its employees have the proper foundation to succeed with excellence in their field of work, Horizon has its own educational curriculum and classroom within its Getzville headquarters, dubbed Horizon University.

"It's an ever-changing evolving part of our organization and we are very, very proud of that," said Veronica Meldrum, VP Employee Services.

Special Projects Director Sarah Just joined Horizon fifteen years ago in the entry-level vocational program. Essentially, she helped recovering addicts find a job. Now, she has her own spacious office and a team of employees.

"They saw a need for someone who can go out and talk to the community, someone who can work operationally, someone who had a passion, maybe not clinically, but really wanted to help some of our folks," Just said.

Reducing the Stigma

Passion is at the core of the company. It's what keeps employees focused on the mission of helping Western New Yorkers recover from substance abuse.

Patrick Greene, who rose the ranks from intern to Clinical Supervisor, says treating patients has become "more difficult" because of the evolving complexity of the cases they see. However, he credits Horizon for its innovative counseling practices.

"They're not afraid to make bold choices and to really seek to be on the cutting edge of the industry," Greene said.

Horizon Clinical Supervisor on his work's mission

Horizon is rolling out a tele-health program for people in crisis to be able to get counseling over the phone. Horizon University will be where employees go to get brought up to speed.

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