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Help wanted at multiple Western New York restaurants

Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 14, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — For the last few days a staple of diners on the go, the Lloyd food truck, has been docked outside the Hertel Avenue location in Buffalo.

"We're parking our truck outside of the Hertel location basically for a door dash hub," Tiffany Gee, HR Manager for Lloyd said.

According to Lloyd, this decision was largely based on staffing needs to support the lunch and dinner shifts which includes truck drivers.

"Just because they aren't on the streets right now doesn't mean we aren't hiring for the trucks just like we are hiring for all other locations," Gee said.

Lloyd is hiring for every location which includes their corporate office, and Lloyd isn't the only one experiencing these staffing setbacks.

"That's how we run, that's how we support each other," Wanda Koch, owner of the Wicked Glenn in Gowanda said.

According to Koch, the Wicked Glenn is in need of part time help as well.

"If I could hire six more people that would be great," Koch said.

According to Koch, many part time employees stopped working because, in some cases, unemployment is offering a larger pay check. The crew over at the Irishman in Williamsville says it has noticed the same thing.

"It has been definitely more difficult than it has been in the past," Irishman GM Maria MacPeek said.

The Irishman currently has about 20 people on its staff, as the summer months approach and they get busier, the restaurant needs to triple their work force.

"We would love to open more patios, we would love to open another dining room, we just don't have someone to cook for you or serve you or wash the dishes," Macpeek said.

Macpeek says there has been a massive jump in dining. She hopes the summer brings part time high schoolers looking for work, giving her needed hands during peak season.

"We are so excited to see people coming out, but on the flip side of that we don't have enough people to serve you and we want you to have a good experience," Macpeek said.

For more information about Lloyd jobs, visit their website here.

For more information on jobs at The Wicked Glenn, call 716-532-9776, or you can go to the restaurant at 29 S Water St, Gowanda, NY to fill out an application.

For more information on jobs at the Irishman, visit their website here or call 716-626-2670, or visit them at 5601 Main St, Williamsville, NY.