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Drive-thru job fair in Cheektowaga

Posted at 4:57 PM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 17:43:51-04
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Drivers rolled up to an empty parking lot on a cloudy, rainy Wednesday in Cheektowaga to attend a job fair.

But this wasn’t your typical job fair. In a world of COVID-19, this job fair was drive-thru style.

Candidates waited in line in the safety and comfort of their cars for on-the-spot job interviews.

"Right now I'm open to work at anything. I'm new to the area I just wanted to get my feet on the ground and start running. Hopefully get something today and go from there," said Patrick Clemens.

"I've been in two job fairs but it was before this pandemic, so this is a completely different experience," Bassir Shirzad.

"I'm still working but it's not enough for me," said Reza Muzaffari.

Dozens of people lined up in search of a job to support their families, pay bills and make ends meet.

"I know that the job market is pretty hard right now, so I'm just kind of open for anything. I'm looking to find some entry level [position] and hopefully work my way up from there," said Clemens.

"I have bills, I just bought a house, I have like payments I have to pay so I'm kind of worried. I was wondering how they're going to conduct this, but I see it's pretty safe and it's easy; you stay in your car and just talk to the employers," said Shirzad.

More than 25 companies are looking to fill nearly 100 positions.

"A lot of us lost our jobs, we were laid off and we want to go back to work," Shirzad.

"I've got a lot of bills to pay you know...I have to find a job," said Muzaffari.

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