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Buying a pre-owned certified Mercedes-Benz

Posted at 5:37 PM, Mar 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-18 17:37:52-04

Some people aren’t interested in buying a brand-new vehicle. They want to know what the deal is with buying a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Healther Kowalczyk, pre-owned sales manager says she is a little bit passionate about their certified pre-owned vehicles. She says she feels they have one of the best warranty’s that are out there. In order to get a certified pre-owned vehicle, it takes a lot make it cut the grade so it can go out on the lot. It takes an incredible team of people. It takes a 165-point inspection. They leave no stone unturned. The vehicle has pretty much has to be like new for you to call it certified and Mercedes standards are really high and we don’t stop there says Kowalczyk. They also do an incredible amount of reconditioning on the vehicle. If there is any question on the vehicle’s integrity, it goes through even more certification process and once it finally gets on the lot you’re also going to be reassured of having an additional year of certification on top of the manufacturer’s warranty as well as unlimited mileage. Kowalczyk says you can purchase another year or two on top of that so, by far without question you are getting a like-new vehicle with an assurance of having a warranty after words.

Kowalczyk says they have extended some of their deals on the C class and the E class with a payment credit up to $750 as well as great interest rates. They price their cars to move them; they price them according to the mileage and she says all of their vehicles that are out on the lot have been hand selected. She goes on to say they are not forced to put anything out there. It has to go through that rigorous inspection before it gets out there and they are literally hand-picked. If it’s not good enough to be on that lot, it does not stay.

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