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Worst Roads: Cheektowaga street has had potholes for over a decade

Posted at 9:40 AM, Jul 25, 2022

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — You'll run into patches, potholes, and pebbles coming down Angela Lane in Cheektowaga - right near George Urban Blvd.

"There's just a lot of loose stones, you'll see people out in front of their house that are taking a broom, and they're sweeping up the stones," resident Joe Logan said.

Logan has lived on Angela Lane since 1964 - he said that the potholes had been an issue for more than a decade.

The road on Angela Lane has noticeable differences from the road on nearby North Creek Drive. The street on Angela Lane is much bumpier and dangerous.

"I know of about five incidents where kids have fallen off of their bikes and gotten hurt," Logan said.

Apparently, you hit the worst pothole as soon as you round the corner onto Angela Lane.

"Your whole car rocks, it's like a roller coaster when you make that turn."

Some neighbors damage their cars before even making it onto the street.

"Along every driveway, you've got patched up areas where you hit it and come down, and the front of the car hits the road - that's how bad it is," Logan said.

Neighbors along Angela Lane said that it has been frustrating seeing other roads get fixed over the years. This has forced some to take matters into their own hands, and buy the materials to patch up the driveways themselves.

"That is not the answer to this," Logan said of the makeshift patches. "This should be done, it's way overdue. Calling just doesn't seem to help anymore and we're going into August now so it makes me feel like we're gonna go into another year and it's just a little bit too much."

As 7 Problem Solvers spoke to Joe, neighbors one by one walked out to discuss their stories and troubles with the potholes on Angela Lane. We were able to get those neighbors some answers regarding those troublesome potholes.

7 Problem Solvers spoke to Cheektowaga Highway Supervisor, Mark Wegner, who said that "Phase 2 milling will begin on Monday, and Angela (Lane) is included in that phase."

Wegner also said that Angela was a test street years ago when the Department was trying out a new road material - which evidently did not work.

This road was supposed to see fixes last year, but "it all fell apart, so we had to move it to this year's phase," Wegner said.

Wegner said that all of Angela Lane will be milled and refilled by the end of the summer, which is welcome news to Logan, who reached out to 7 Problem Solvers for help.

"Wow. Thank you very much are you serious? Oh my God neighbors will be very happy about that. That is good, I appreciate that. Thank you, Channel 7."

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