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6-year-old potholes on East Avenue in Akron, when will they be fixed?

Cracks in East Ave. causing trouble for neighbors
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 06, 2022

AKRON, N.Y. (WKBW) — Since 2016, people who live along East Avenue in Akron have been dealing with bumps in the road and bruises to their cars.

"It's horrible trying to drive up and down it. You dread it. You're afraid what's gonna happen to your car on it," said Kathryn Biedrzycki, who visits family members living on the street.

It's a residential street where children play, people walk their dogs or go for a run.

"It's not fair. People try to drive around that potholes and then come into the shoulder where people try to run and walk," said Biedrzycki.

The Village of Akron's Department of Public Works tells 7 News they constantly receive complaints, but the only maintenance they're responsible for is plowing snow on East Ave, it would be up to Erie County to make the fix.

"It stinks because you keep hearing in Buffalo, they're gonna pave this road, they're gonna pave that road, but you don't hear about the outskirts and when they're gonna pave those roads," said Biedrzycki.

7 News reached out to the county's Commissioner of Public Works who was unavailable, we have not heard back to emails and calls asking what the plans are for East Ave.

The DPW's Twitter account posts updates of which projects are in the works. There's been no mention of East Avenue, which is in the Clarence District, just yet.

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