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You Can Now Buy A Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar For The Holidays

You Can Now Buy A Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar For The Holidays
Posted at 10:33 AM, Sep 27, 2019

Let’s face it: hard seltzer is having a moment. Whether you’re on the White Claw bandwagon or are up for trying what seemed like an endless supply of new seltzers to hit the market this summer, there’s never been a better time to be in love with the carbonated beverage.

PBR just released their own hard seltzer, and even Corona now has what they call a “premium spiked refresher.” Though these drinks are perfect for hot days, hard seltzer season doesn’t have to end just because summer is over. In fact, you can add hard seltzer to your wish list this holiday season — in the form of an Advent calendar.

This hard seltzer Advent calendar from Give Them Beer is $89 and includes 12 of the top-rated hard seltzers of 2019 from U.S. brands delivered directly to your home in festive, seasonal packaging. The calendar itself includes little doors with sayings like, “Christmas Cheer Inside,” “Ho Ho Hold My Seltzer” and “I Believe I’ll Have Another.”

Starting Dec. 13, you’ll open a new door each day for the last 12 days of the season leading up to Christmas. The calendar will be delivered in November and supplies are limited, so you’ll want to pre-order one now if you’re interested.

There’s nothing new about boozy Advent calendars, though, and if hard seltzer isn’t your thing, you won’t be left out of the Advent calendar entertainment this holiday season. One British company is already selling a sparkling wine Advent calendar for this season. Cheers to a countdown to prosecco!

Give Them Beer also sells wine and beer Advent calendars. The beer calendar goes for $89 and includes what the company says are some of the highest-rated craft brews of 2019. At $169, the wine Advent calendar gives you 12 half bottles of wine.

Give Them Beer

If drinking to count down to the holiday season isn’t for you, how about counting down with Harry Potter? You can find both a Harry Potter pop-up book calendar or Harry Potter Lego calendar for $27 and $37 respectively on Amazon.


And if you just can’t wait for December to begin your Advent-calendar fun, you might want to pick up a Halloween Advent calendar.

Either way, have fun counting down to your favorite holiday!

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