Who got the most rain since Tuesday?

More rain is in the forecast for this weekend
Posted at 12:33 PM, Aug 11, 2016

It's a tale of two regions. One half of Western New York has seen a lot of beneficial rain over the past couple of days. When comparing the Northtowns to its neighbors down in the Southern Tier, it looks as if it was left out to dry.

Key points:

  • Point 1 - There will be multiple opportunities for everyone to see some rain through the weekend.
  • Point 2 - There is close to an eight inch deficit in rainfall since April 1st.

Most of the showers and thunderstorms have been contained to the Southern Tier. It's been raining buckets over Jamestown the past couple of days. You folks have seen more than two inches of rainfall since Tuesday. 

On the other side of Western New York, not much has fallen in Niagara and Orleans County the past few days. You folks too have an opportunity to see a few thunderstorms this afternoon. However, don't expect it to add up to much. 

If you're feeling left out, no worries. There's a better chance for rain all across Western New York over the weekend. A slow moving cold front will bring showers and much more comfortable conditions to the area on Saturday and Sunday.

In case you haven't been spending your weekends at the beach, Buffalo and much of Western New York have lucked out this summer. A lot of weekend days since June have lacked measurable rainfall. The last time the Buffalo Airport recorded more than a trace of water on a weekend was July 9th, where .71 inches fell. 

A total of 6.59 inches of rain has been recorded out at the Airport since April 1st. The normal rainfall through August 11th is close to 14 and a half inches. That brings the total rainfall deficit to around eight inches.

Showers this weekend is welcome news to lawns and gardens across the area. We'll take what we can get.