Weather hasn't always been kind to the Bisons

Posted at 8:36 AM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 01:13:06-04

Who's ready for some baseball?!

There's nothing quite like opening day at the ballpark. The different choices of unique choleric foods, to the sound of a baseball being hit, then the crack of the bat ricocheting around the stadium. The crowd goes wild, and a lucky fan gets to take home a souvenir by a player who maybe swinging for the fences with the Blue Jays someday soon.

The Brewers have their annual mascot race, where a bunch of life-like sausages run around the diamond. The Presidents Race at Nationals Park in Washington includes six former presidents. But in Buffalo, we have our own unique set of mascots: a chicken wing, container of blue cheese and a stick of celery flying around a baseball diamond in hopes of finishing first and getting a few laughs out of the crowd. It doesn't get more Buffalo than that! Me personally, I'm all for team Celery.

We're going to luck out with a pitch perfect forecast on Thursday. However, the weather hasn't always been kind to opening day at Coca-Cola Field. Take a look at 2007.

2007 by far was the worst season start for the Bisons. They had to wait 5 days to throw out the first pitch due to the cold and snow. Buffalo was scheduled to play ball versus Richmond on April 5th. The Bisons instead opened their season against Ottawa on April 9th, where high temperatures out at the Buffalo Airport hit a cold 35F. 

The other time the Bisons had to postpone their season opener was back in 2005 that time because of rain.

In the last 11 years, the warmest opening day out at the ballpark was back in 2008 when the mercury reached 68F on April 11th against Toledo.  


Opening Day At Coca-Cola Field Since 2005:

Most Common Opponent: Rochester Red Wings

Most Runs Scored By Bisons In A Game: 12. Back in 2012 (Scranton) and 2013 (Rochester). Both games Bisons won.

Scored Runs By Bisons Since 2005: 72

Average Runs Scored By Bisons: 6.5

Average Runs Scored By Opponents: 4.4

Opening Day Record: 6-5 


The Bisons take on the Rochester Red Wings Thursday. First pitch is at 2:05pm.