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Pleasant Thursday on the way

Updated: 2020-04-02 05:19:15-04

Thursday will remain cool as air temperatures hold in the 40s, but WNY will still see some sunshine through the afternoon. A cool breeze develops this afternoon with winds near 15 miles per hour. Clouds will return and cover the skies as we finish the week on Friday with more 40s during the day. The weekend will start dry with sun & clouds as daytime highs rise into the 50s on Saturday. The second half of the weekend will remain mild, but clouds will thicken again and produce rain showers as we close out the weekend. Looking further down the road, next week should reach the 60s a few times allowing for some much needed outside time!

Morning: 33
Afternoon: 49

Quiet with a mix of sun & clouds

Morning: 35
Afternoon: 47

Mostly cloudy. Seasonable

Morning: 37
Afternoon: 57

Milder with sun & clouds.

Morning: 43
Afternoon: 53

Continued Mild with Increasing Clouds & Rain Showers

Morning: 37
Afternoon: 60

Mild with Sun & Clouds

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