Calendar says May but flakes will fly on Sunday

Posted at 6:58 AM, May 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-14 09:07:09-04

No need to look at the calendar again. Yes, it's May and it's going to snow in Western New York. However, not everyone will be having flakes for breakfast on Sunday.

Another cold front will whip through the area midday, bringing with it showers an a gusty wind. Areas towards the shores will feel the wind the most, gusting at times out of the southwest at 40mph this afternoon. A little less as you move inland. The thermometer will begin to dip later this afternoon, from the 50s and into the 40s by the dinner hour. Temperatures will continue to drop into the 30s inland away from the lake overnight.

And by the time you walk out the door on Sunday morning, it will be cold enough for flakes to fall in some spots in Western New York. If you live along the shores of both Lake Erie and Ontario, lake temperatures will prevent snow from falling in your backyard. However, areas from Warsaw, Springville, Ellicottville, to Jamestown and Clymer, you folks have the best shot of seeing wet flakes mixing in with some showers on Sunday. 

If the thought of flakes doesn't give you the chills, daytime highs only make it into the low to mid 40s. However, because of a breeze out of the northwest between 15-20mph, it will feel like it's in the low 30s across Western New York Sunday afternoon. 

This isn't the first or last time it will snow in May. Just back in May of 2013, the Buffalo Airport recorded a trace of snow on both May 12th and 13th. On average, .3" of snow falls in the month of May in Buffalo. 

Look on the bright side, both Monday and Tuesday will be brighter and milder than this weekend's forecast