Snowless streak comes to an end. Buffalo sees flakes for first time in five months

Posted at 12:07 PM, Oct 27, 2016

That beautiful streak of snowless days has come to an end. One-hundred and sixty four days to be exact.

Buffalo saw its first flakes fly since May last night and Thursday. In fact, a lot of people across Western New York walked out to wet slush early Thursday morning. 

Take Lysa for example. Nothing says early snowfall than a shot of patio furniture. That dog is looking for some boots for its paws! Thank you for sharing Lysa!

Or how about Chrisitie out in Wheatfield. Don't believe we'll see flowers sprout anytime soon. ): (Sad Emoji)!

Areas in the Southern Tier such as Wellsville recorded a mix of precipitation, from snow to freezing rain. 

Buffalo sees its first flakes on average this time of year. Last year, the Queen City waited until November 20th to see snow. Almost a month late. 

For this coming winter, the 7 First Alert Weather Team predicts a more active winter than last year. As for that big snow storm, you can rest at ease for now. But it may not be a bad idea to tune up the snow blower. As you know, its Western New York. And flakes will turn into feet of snow sometime down the road as winter approaches.