Record setting weather continues

November heat wave could be longest of all time
Posted at 11:52 AM, Nov 09, 2020

BUFFALO, NY — Buffalo broke another record today as the temperature topped the 70 degree mark before the noon hour! Today's record makes it two in a row as Sunday also set the mark for high temperature with 71F on Sunday.

But Buffalo is on the way to break a record that is much bigger than a single day high temperature! It's the kind of weather event that occurs literally once in a lifetime. The streak of 60s & 70s that started last week could end up making this the longest heat wave ever recorded in November and essentially the warmest stretch of weather in Buffalo history for the month.

Officially Buffalo is off to a great start recording 69F, 67F, 64F, 65F, 71F & 71F+ from Wednesday - today bringing the total to 6 in a row... but how many does Buffalo need to break the record? That number stands at 7.

So if you've made it this far into a statistical weather story I'm sure you're wondering what's the most 70 degree days Buffalo has ever had in November... The answer is 4, also set back in 1938. It looks like Buffalo will get to 70 three times during this stretch coming up short of tying the record this week.

Buffalo has a great shot at actually smashing the 1938 heat wave if the warm air holds on into Wednesday... either way WNYers will enjoy one of the finest fall weeks ever felt since record keeping began back in the 1800s... ENJOY!