Nature gives Niagara Falls an icy new look

Posted at 10:51 AM, Dec 16, 2016

If you thought it felt icy out there Friday, take a look at some of these stone-cold shots we took up in Niagara Falls!

Trees, view finders and street lamps located near one of the most breath-taking sites in all of Western New York are covered in ice! Temperatures have remained below freezing over the past few days, allowing water droplets from the falls to accumulate and freeze on to objects such as trees, cars, railings, sidewalks etc...

The crews out in Niagara Falls have done a wonder-fall .....(get it!) job treating the streets, sidewalks and paths in and around the falls. This will allow you to take in the spectacular view nature has provided us.

Unfortunately, the beautiful winter wonderland up in Niagara Falls will melt Saturday, as well above freezing temperatures and rain showers move through the area. Our mild weather won't last long, as another cold front sweeps through Western New York early Sunday morning.