Lake effect snow set to impact the city of Buffalo Wednesday night with winds gusting over 40mph

Difficult travel with blowing and drifting snow
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jan 04, 2022

Here's what to expect with the lake effect snow to impact the city of Buffalo late on Wednesday:

MORNING: Breezy as temperatures continue to climb through the mid-30s.

AFTERNOON: Temperatures top out near 40 under mostly cloudy skies.

2-4PM: Scattered rain showers arrive and change to snow between 4-6pm as temperatures fall and winds begin to gust over 40mph.

EVENING: Lake effect snow develops and intensifies south of Buffalo as winds gust over 45mph for Buffalo. Thunder-snow becomes possible.

OVERNIGHT: Lake snow impacting areas from Hamburg to Alden with 35mph wind gusts. Low visibility from blowing and drifting snow.

THURSDAY MORNING: Lake snow jogs northward and impacts more of the Metro and south Buffalo through noon. Sustained winds around 20-25mph.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Lake snow moves south and into the deeper southtowns into the evening.